Applying is a full-time job: jobs that challenge applicants

Jan 13, 2021 Application

Just send out an application and have the new contract in your pocket after two talks, that was once. If you do not belong to the kind of job changer who is delighted with phone calls from headhunters, then you probably can not avoid sending a certain number of applications and conducting interviews until you have the new employment contract in your hands. Here are jobs with descriptions that you as an applicant should have on it today:

Psychologist with a focus on strengths and personality analysis

You recently completed your personality studies with flying colors and can clearly identify your strengths and talents. They know what motivates you and what you need to be productive, healthy, and successful in your job. You know your weaknesses and do not see them as flaws, but as future areas of development. You can look back calmly on your past and appreciate this time as part of your life. Gaps in your résumé are no reason for you to confidently plan your professional future. You know what makes you special, you are proud of it, and you can express this to other people. The introductory question in the job interview “Please tell us something about yourself” does not cause you a headache, but you can answer it routinely. In short: you know what you can do, what sets you apart, what is important to you, and which work environment suits you perfectly.

Futurologist with a focus on career planning

You know your personal goals, and you know what is important to you in the next few years. Looking into the future does not scare you, it creates a feeling of curiosity and a real desire for new challenges. For you, the future means seizing opportunities, professional and personal development are part of it. You are aware of what the next meaningful career step is for you and you want to take this path independently. You deal with the trends in your industry, observe markets and social developments, and can evaluate which positions at which employers will be future-proof and most likely suitable for you in the coming years. As a creative visionary, it is easy for you to think through different job scenarios and identify the best alternative for you. You are used to making your own decisions even in stressful situations and under the high pressure of your friends and family.

Data analyst with a focus on job exchanges

You are well versed in finding the right job for you on job exchanges and company career portals. You know exactly which positions you are looking for and know the German and English keywords for the professional fields in which you would like to work in the future. Furthermore, you can read job offers correctly, rate them and prioritize them for your next application. When identifying suitable positions, you not only focus on the large and well-known job portals but also know special job exchanges for your target region or your individual training background. You like to live out your preference for Internet research every day and the handling of large amounts of data is no hurdle for you as an applicant.

Head of Marketing & Sales with a focus on self-marketing

You are a marketing expert through and through. You are skilled at putting yourself in the limelight. They pile high without blushing and love to be in the spotlight. Talking about your best performances and successes is not new territory for you, but daily business. You know how great you are, and you do not doubt that every employer has just been waiting for you. You are fluent in all common communication techniques – both in writing and orally. Your body language fits perfectly and is an expression of your conviction that you are the best. In this responsible management position, you are your own boss.

Why I Don't Have a Full Time Job and May Never Get One | by Ezinne Ukoha | Medium

Motivation trainer with a focus on endurance training

As your personal mental coach, you know what makes you get up in the morning and what really motivates you during the day. You are a gifted long-distance runner, and you are good at training to prove your staying power as an applicant. Short-term setbacks due to the rejection of your preferred employer will not slow you down, but rather encourage you to be even more committed. In your role as an applicant, you will be able to motivate yourself every day, to view positions, and to send your documents to potential employers – even if you do not receive any answers. Having conversations and answering the same questions over and over about your motivation to change as well as your strengths and weaknesses is part of your training plan. The only goal of your application marathon is to assert yourself against the competitors in the race and to win the ideal job for yourself.

Application is a full-time job. Take your time!

Admittedly, I exaggerated a bit here and there and had a lot of fun writing again. Because it is important to me to counteract the seriousness of the subject application more easily. And yet, under all of these five jobs, there are precisely those adjusting screws that, in my experience, make a successful job change.

If you are not aware of your strengths, values, and goals, and you do not know what specialist knowledge, what professional experience and what also characterizes you personally, then it will be difficult for you to find the right positions and later in conversation cut a fine figure. If you do not know what your at least medium-term career goals are, which positions and employers are a good fit for you, your environment and your living conditions and what is particularly important to you personally in the coming years, then you may still be very much in the “I know exactly what I do not want anymore “-thought instead of looking into the future with farsightedness and curiosity. If it is not clear to you where you can find the right positions and employers online or outside in your networks or at events, poke around blindly in the fog and leave it to chance whether it really fits in the end. If you let yourself be pulled down so much by the first rejection that you lose faith in yourself and the desire to apply, you will find it difficult to get out of this spiral of frustration.

I experience many applicants in coaching who can tick almost all of these points for themselves. And you probably thought “Yes, that’s right” here and there while reading. The more consciously you declare your application to be your own project, create the necessary freedom and take the time to work on the clarity that is important for you about the next step in your career, the better and more credible you will be in your role as an applicant later mediate to a potential employer.

Take the time – and maybe the professional support of a coach that you need to become more aware of your strengths, values​​, and goals. To gain more clarity about meaningful target positions and suitable employers. To create application documents in which you express exactly this clarity, show personal edge, and thus stand out from the crowd of boring standard applications. To prepare intensively for job interviews and find out everything there that is important for your job decision. And also the time to properly digest frustrating rejections and to do yourself good, which gives you new strength in this phase of uncertainty and rollercoaster ride of emotions, to look ahead with motivation and self-confidence.

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